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Melinda's Garden Moment: Will They Sprout?

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MADISON (WKOW) -- You may have some left over seeds that you hope to grow this year, if you do, Melinda Meyers has a suggestion for how to test to see if they will sprout.

Place 10 seeds on a damp paper towel. Roll up the towel with seeds inside. Place the towel in a plastic bag and store in a warm location.

After a week, unwrap the paper towel and see if the seeds have started sprouted. If they haven't, re-wrap and wait a few more days.  If all the seeds have sprouted, you have 100% germination and can plant the seeds as recommended on the package.

If only half sprouted, you will need to plant the seeds twice as close together to compensate for the lower germination rate.

You can learn more gardening tips on Melinda's website.

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