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History behind National Bock Beer Day

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MADISON (WKOW) -- If you love bock beer, today is your day to celebrate.  Monday marks National Bock Beer Day.

To celebrate, Nate Zukas, Head Brewer at the Hilldale Great Dane stopped by Wake Up Wisconsin.

Zukas talked about the origin of the Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company and the love of German beer.  In honor of Bock Beer Day, Zukas shared a brief history of bock beer.  He also highlighted  four of the Great Dane’s unique bock varieties including:

Velvet Hammer Bock -  A local favorite brewed once a year with traditional German malt flavors and a caramel finish.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt’s Dunkel-Doppel-Hefe-Weizenbock – A unique combination of a bock and wheat hefeweizen beer.

Dominator Doppelbock – A stronger version of a classic German lager.

Eis Velvet Hammer Bock – Even stronger than a doppelbock. Brewed by freezing a doppelbock and removing resulting ice which increases the alcohol content.

Watch the interview for more information.

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