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WI Dairy News: Milk for Teeth

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MADISON (WKOW) -- When kids go to the dentist, not only can they learn about the importance of keeping their teeth clean, they're also learning that cow's milk is a great choice to help strengthen their bones and teeth.

Fred Eichmiller, DDS from Delta Dental in Stevens Point says, "There's two essential elements for forming bones and teeth, and that's calcium and phosphorus, and the unique thing about dairy products is that milk and dairy products supply a balanced supply of both of those nutrients." 

The natural mineral combination in milk makes it a great choice for healthy teeth and bones.

Eichmiller says, "Calcium and phosphorus actually make up the hard cement, or the hard enamel of the tooth, so they give the enamel its strength, its hardness. In bones what they do is they give bones the strength to give them the weight supporting capability." 

Milk packs another punch because of another naturally occurring protein called casein.  Eichmiller says casein stabilizes nutrients so that the body can absorb them quicker and easier. 

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