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Badgers' Oginni travels long road to find success

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Tall, strong and always smiling, Badgers sophomore throws standout Banke Oginni knows life tossed her a lucky break.

"My parents won a visa lottery. I don't really know how it works or how the location was picked, but kind of picked the city of Chicago."

Just like that, at the age of two, Oginni was on her way across the Atlantic Ocean from her first home in Nigeria to her new home in America. 

"It's just really nice to say I'm Nigeria," Oginni says. "We have such a beautiful language. The clothing, of course, is amazing, the food of course. The rich history that Nigeria and Africa has and just passing it on to people who don't know that much and just showing that we're way more complex than you think we are."

While there are cultural differences, she's dealt with many of the same struggles as any other family. Her parents divorced after arriving in America. Oginni's mother became the sole supporter of Banke and her two younger brothers.

"She's worked so hard in the past years and she's been my biggest supporter and she tries to come to every track meet," Oginni says about her mom. "She's like the only reason, one of the biggest reasons why I am where I am because she told me not to quit in high school, and I just do this for her to let her know like your hard work is why I'm here, and I wanna work hard to let you know that you didn't do this for nothing."

Oginni is making her mother proud. She recently earned second-team All-American honors at the NCAA Indoor meet.

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