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Court documents reveal details of Janesville burglary before manhunt, charges filed

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JANESVILLE (WKOW) --- Authorities have officially charged a Rock County manhunt suspect, even though he's still not in custody.

We now know more information on the burglary of Armageddon Supplies in Janesville on Tuesday, April 4 after a criminal complaint against Joseph Jakubowski is released Tuesday.

Surveillance video at the shop shows one of the last known images of Joseph Jakubowski, using a hammer to break the front door window, according to a criminal complaint.  After reaching inside and realizing he could not unlock the door or kick it open, he dove head first through the window and landed on the sales floor that was covered in shards of glass.

Officials say he was holding a flashlight in his mouth during the entire incident.

In the video, investigators could see the suspect set a duffel bag on the floor and begin to grab guns, boxes of ammunition, and magazines and stuff them in the bag. 18 various firearms were stolen in total and two gun silencers.

The owner of the gun shop met police on scene April 4 at 8:48 p.m. As they entered the building to investigate, the owner of the shop noticed multiple guns were missing.  That includes a 5.56/.223 caliber M-16 rifle, along with another long gun.  Also missing were several handguns, some with suppressors installed.

Officials say they spoke to Jakubowski's sister on April 6 who said her brother was moving out of their shared residence the morning of the burglary.

While cleaning out his room, she told officials she found what appeared to be an apology letter to a gun shop owner.  In the letter, the suspect explained he wanted to purchase the guns to protect his family, but as a felon, he could not. He also apologized to the gun shop owner for stealing the weapons and thanked the shop owner for protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens.

This and details of Jakubowski's alleged manifesto to President Trump show a theme.

"There's a common thread of him feeling the need to protect or to stand up for people he feels are being mistreated," says Sheriff Robert Spoden.

Spoden and Police Chief David Moore are still combing through evidence, trying to figure out Jakubowski's plan.

"We're basically where we were before," Spoden tells 27 News. "We're not sure if he remains in the area. We're not sure if he has left the area. The fact of it is, is that he really has dropped off the grid. That makes it somewhat frustrating for us and that's why it comes into play, the citizens and the media, getting the message out."

Despite working through more than 550 tips, they're still asking for more information from the public, and ultimately, Jakubowski to step forward.

"The end game hasn't happened yet, nobody's been hurt, and so there's an opportunity for Mr. Jakubowski to turn himself in to authorities, to do the right thing," says Moore. "It's the sheriff's promise, and my promise, that if he were to turn himself in, we will treat him with respect, we will assure his safety."

Investigators declined to release security footage to us, other than still images taken from the video, saying the investigation details need to be protected. They say they have not gotten any information to confirm whether Jakubowski is still in the area, or if he's left town.

This criminal complaint filed includes charges of Burglary - Arming Self with a Dangerous Weapon, Felony Theft - Special Fact, and Possession of Burglarious Tools.

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