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Camp Createability participants share testimonies as summer registration opens

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Courtesy: Camp Createability Courtesy: Camp Createability

McFARLAND (WKOW) -- A group in our area gives kids and young adults living with disabilities, specifically autism, a unique opportunity.  They can learn the ins and outs of movie-making magic at their own pace.  It turns out though, it's not just the skill that's a life changing opportunity.  

Along the way of growing their passion for movies, they grow friendships and people skills.  "It helps us learn new things and how to talk to people better," says participant Jack Haak.  "It helps with other things.  Like figuring out what you're going to do helps out with organization and other things."  

Ashley Stadler can attest, that's why she signed up.  "I just wanted to make new friends and maybe get into movie stuff too."  

Camp Createability is something that's impacted her whole family.  "It can be a struggle to make friends.  And so this has been  wonderful for us to see [Ashley] have friendships, and she had a birthday party this year with all the kids from here," says Ashley's mom, Patrice Stadler.  "Just seeing her learn some new skills that hopefully can translate into a job later is wonderful because that can be a struggle too."  

Diana Ziegler agrees.  Her son Dylan has been in Camp Createability since the beginning.  "He talks about camp 24/7.  He loves the friends he's made.  And these are true friendships.  He has friends, but these are true friends that have similar interests.  They get along great," she says.  "This has been the best gift I could have ever asked for because he has these true friends.  So he's doing what he loves, which is making movies, and he's got friends."

For Dylan, participating in Camp Createability is just the start of his big dreams.  "I just want to be big and popular and famous, so I can show all of my friends," says Dylan.  "I'm making a Pixar movie someday."  

The session includes every aspect of the film-making process from script-writing to directing and acting to editing the finished product.  Owner and founder Debbie Armstrong loves watching the process unfold, but knows it's about much more.  "The social skills and the friendships that they've gained outweighed any of the movies that we could have created."  

Registration is open for the summer session of Camp Createability.  To contact them to find out more click here

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