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Caught on Camera: Rock County Trooper praised for quick thinking during I-39/90 overdose

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MILTON (WKOW) -- A heroin overdose victim, found with a needle still in his arm, is lucky to be alive after a harrowing rescue on I-39/90 in Rock County.  Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper Kevin Kinderman says the man, in his 20's, had bought heroin with a friend in Beloit.  The two were heading back up north when the victim, the passenger, shot up, Thursday morning.

 A short time later, the individual stopped breathing near Mile Marker 166,  and the driver called 911 for help.   

Luckily, Trooper Kinderman was just a mile away, and even though he didn't have any Narcan, the life-saving antidote, he still knew exactly what to do to revive the victim.

"With that trooper that did CPR, that was absolutely the right thing to do for that patient," Dr. Jay MacNeal, Mercyhealth & Rock County EMS Director said.  "To do the CPR and breathe for that patient until we could get there," he added.

Dr. MacNeal rushed to the scene along with Milton Ambulance.

"You're not always gonna have Narcan available," Dr. MacNeal explained, praising the trooper in the process.

 "It was a good day for the trooper to be able to be part of that, and for the guy, and hopefully he'll get the help he needs," Dr. MacNeal said.

As for Trooper Kinderman, he's just thankful he could help.

"Just happened to be at the perfect spot at a good  time," he explained.

But Trooper Kinderman doesn't consider himself a hero because he says his training would allow any trooper to do what he did with a similar outcome.  But he does say it was close call.

"So you know if we were any farther out, who knows what could have happened," Trooper Kinderman said.

"Which is the reason everyone should know the basics of CPR," he added.

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