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DeForest Softball Led by Sibling Coaching Duo

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The DeForest girl's softball team is off to a solid start this season. They have won 13 of their first 15 games including riding an undefeated streak on their home field. 

"We communicate, we pick each other up, but I think we could work on pushing each other more in practice and go harder in practice." Said junior pitcher Kennedy Wittmann.

It's a quick pace environment with twice the pop. The Norskies have two head coaches and they just happen to be brother and sister.

"Every once in a while one will over rule each other and it's kind of funny and we kind of just laugh it off, but it's fine. It's fun." Said senior outfielder Kylie Endres.

With eight seasons and still counting for the siblings Lori Grundahl and Jerry Schwenn, perhaps two heads are better than one, but with that can come the honest truth, which can be a benefit.

"I don't know if it goes this way on most coaching staffs but we are really honest with each other." Said Schwenn about coaching with his sister. "I think that is the dynamic a brother and sister that other coaching staffs don't always have that."

"We give each other angles where maybe in other coaching staffs they aren't willing to throw each other other there and do what is best for  the team and I think we can openly and honestly talk about that." Grundahl added.

DeForest sits on top of the Badger - North Conference with a month remaining in the regular season.

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