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Babies using mobile devices may suffer speech delays

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SAN FRANCISCO (WKOW) - A new study may give pause to parents who easily hand their babies mobile devices.

The study looked at kids age six months to 24 months.  Of the children, 20 percent spent an average of 28 minutes a day using screens, the study found.

Every 30-minute increase in daily screen time was linked to a 49 percent increased risk of what the researchers call expressive speech delay, which is using sounds and words.

The study, which involved nearly 900 children, did not find any link between use of a handheld device and other areas of communication, such as gestures, body language and social interaction.

The lead researcher, a doctor at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, says much more research is needed, including what content the child is watching, to determine if the device use is causing the speech delay. 

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