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Former Badgers star Nelson is headed to the beach

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After finishing her stellar four-year Badgers career in December, Haleigh Nelson spent her final semester at Wisconsin preparing for the real world.

"I started the whole job hunt thing. There was one position that I really wanted. As I was interviewing with that organization, I decided I needed to come up with some sort of backup plan in case it didn't work out."

As it so happened, Nelson did need a backup plan. It involved more volleyball and more college.

"I've loved being in college and people always tell you, 'Don't leave until you have to.' So, if I prolong it two years, I'm sure I won't be disappointed."

 Nelson is utilizing a little-known NCAA rule that permits athletes to compete for a fifth year, provided it's in a different sport. For Nelson, that means a trip to the beach. Nelson emailed every school that sponsors a beach volleyball team and had the type of Master of Business Administration degree that she was considering. She found a match at Louisiana State University.

"It'll be really difficult at first. I've talked to a bunch of girls who have crossed over to beach. They say it's tough, but it's really cool to do."

Nelson will be competing for the Tigers for one season. She admits she has little beach volleyball experience. She'll have to update her game and her wardrobe.

"Imagining myself in a different uniform, playing for a different school and cheering on a different name is really strange to me just because I love it here so much. But, I'll probably get used to it. Purple and Gold goes well together. So, we'll see."

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