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Trap Shooting: Wisconsin's Fastest Growing Sport

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The fastest growing sport in Wisconsin doesn't have a ball, puck, bat or stick it's a 12-gauge shot gun that the competitors use in their event.

Trap shooting has become one of the fast growing high school sports in Wisconsin. Over 1,400 high school kids are expected to compete during the spring season.

The Sauk Prairie High School team is in it's fourth season and their participation numbers continue to grow.

"I think this is more laid back competition. It doesn't happen as fast. You don't see the results." Said Sauk Prairie senior Nolan Joyce.

Trap shooting isn't sanctioned through the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) but a school district does have to vote to approve a team. This allows competitors to compete in both trap shooting and another spring sport at their high school.

"I kind of like to compare this to, I'm also on the golf team. It's kind of like golf where you are by yourself competing but you are also contributing towards a bigger team score." Said Sauk Prairie senior Zach Breunig.

How it Works:

Trap shooting has five stations on the shooting range. Each shooter takes five shots a clay targets in each of the five stations totaling 25 total for two round. The amount of targets hit will be out of a total of 50, and that is the shooters score.

There are 10 conferences in the league with a minimum of five teams in each conference. A team does not travel to opposing team's shooting range, but stay on their home range and record their scores online after a set competition day.

"The kids are funny too because they are glued to the rankings each week and the scores and trying to figure out how can they maintain their standing." Said Sauk Prairie head trap shooting coach Troy Talford.

All shooters competing at the varsity level need to be in high school and have Wisconsin firearm safety certification.

For more information on the Wisconsin State High School Clay Target League, click here to visit their website. 


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