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Fallen tree nearly misses landing on a Sauk County home during storm

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SAUK COUNTY (WKOW) -- A Sauk County homeowner is breathing a sigh of relief after a large tree almost landed on top of her home Wednesday night.

Caroline Steuber, who lives near Sauk City, heard the tree fall over as she was finishing up with a conversation over the phone.

"Just as I said goodbye, 'Woosh!", just like that," said Steuber, noting the tree came feet away from landing on top of her. "It was a good thing it was a southwest wind because if it had been a south wind, it would have hit the house.”

Steuber called Terry Leidig, of Leidig Tree Service, and his crew to help clean up the tree debris.

"It's probably a full days job here really," said Leidig, who needed to use chainsaws and a skid-steer to clear the large tree.

Leidig brings all of the wood he clears to his farm.

"Some people come and cut fire wood out of it," he said, noting severe weather season can mean for a busy, yet profitable, time of the year. "'I've had people call me at three in the morning and want me to come and cut trees.”

As crews cleared up Steuber's yard, she says she's thankful the only part of her yard that was damaged were some other trees.

"We have to say we're lucky, it could have been the house."

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