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From twisters to spring snow, it's been a rough week for weather across the country

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MADISON (WKOW) -- While the Madison area has some relief from the rough weather Friday, severe storms continue in the southern plains.  

The whole week has had rough and shocking spring weather for much of the central U.S.  Snow fell in Colorado and the Sierras, and snow is expected to continue in Wyoming and Colorado Friday, possibly affecting air travel.  

Meanwhile the National Weather Service confirmed a series of tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska that stretched all the way to Wisconsin Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday those same areas went through a second or third round.  In southeastern Wisconsin, Tom Searles, 85, of Lake Geneva is counting his blessings after a large tree fell on his house Wednesday.  

"We've had a lot of storms come through, but I've never had one that scared me like that," says Searles.  "I thought God was coming down to get me like that... Thank God I made it another day." 

Others were not as fortunate as Searles.  There were deadly storms in Oklahoma, Iowa and the tornado in Barron County, Wisconsin.  New recovery efforts are kicking off in Chetek Friday.  

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