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Fitchburg convenience store clerks unconcerned about robberies; cite security measures already in place

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Outside Kelley's Market in Fitchburg Outside Kelley's Market in Fitchburg

FITCHBURG (WKOW) --- It's a typical shift at Kelley’s Market for assistant manager Aaron Pink.

“You come in, you do your job, you get your customers,” Pink said.

He's worked at the convenience store on Fish Hatchery Road in Fitchburg for eight years.

“I've have seen a lot in eight years,” Pink said. “You see people doing things they shouldn't or drug dealing. You go out there and tell them to leave the property.”

One thing Pink said he hasn't seen at Kelley’s Market, gun violence.

“Petty theft, yeah. You see that on a daily basis. But you know I’ve never had the experience of someone coming up with a weapon and asking me for money.”

He's heard about the rash of armed robberies at local gas stations.

“Obviously when you hear those things, you don't want them to happen to yourself. You feel bad for the people who become victims of those.”

Shawna Schaper has worked at Kelley's Market for three years. She said she isn't scared off by the violence at other stores.

“We've had some down the street, which could have lead up here. But they never actually came up here.”

“There's a lot of people who say they wouldn't work here because of the stress that anything could happen on a day-to-day,” Pink said.

When you walk into a Kelley’s Market, you're confronted by security cameras installed around the store. They also have a video monitor at the front counter that scans both the exterior and interior of the store. Pink said that's enough to make any robber think twice.

“We have policies in place. And we're very vocal about not having a lot of money in the till. We keep our till count low. So even if it happened they wouldn't be getting away with much,” Pink said. “We also have security features that allow us to communicate with police quickly.”

Employees are also trained in case they're ever the victims of a robbery.

“You just never know what's going to happen. Especially at a gas station. You sell alcohol, you sell cigarette, you sell vices. People come in at all times of the night,” Pink said.

Pink said private security hired by the store patrols the area during the day. They also have on-site security during the busier hours at night and staff more people during those hours.

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