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Record-breaking heat hitting southwest, west coast

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CALIFORNIA (WKOW) -- Record-breaking heat is hitting the southwest and west coast.

Records could be broken Tuesday in Las Vegas. Meteorologists there are expecting a high of 124 degrees. Visitors to the famous strip are being warned to take breaks, cool off, and not to over-exert themselves, because heat stroke can happen so quickly with temperatures that high.

To put it in perspective... it's so hot in California, things are spontaneously catching fire. A big pile of mulch off a highway was just sitting in the heat, starting to decompose. The Cordelia Fire Chief says it put off heat in its decomposition, and sparked; resulting in a massive fire.

In the south, there's a tropical storm watch from southeast Texas to Louisiana. Bret has become the earliest named storm ever for this part of the Atlantic. It's expected to weaken though after hitting the northern coast of Venezuela Tuesday.

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