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Local representatives, health workers call on Sen. Johnson to vote against health care bill

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Local representatives and health care workers are calling on Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) to vote against the Senate Republican health care bill.

The news conference Monday came just before the Congressional Budget Office released a report on the bill's impact. The agency predicted The Republican proposal would result in 22 million more people becoming uninsured by 2026.

Many Senate Republicans, including Sen. Ron Johnson, say they are undecided on whether to vote for the bill later this week. Johnson says he believes there is not enough information on the bill, and that it would be a "mistake" to move forward with the motion to proceed.

Local representatives Chris Taylor (D-Madison) and Lisa Subek (D-Madison) attended the news conference Monday calling on Johnson to "vote no" on the bill. Rep. Subek says the bill could financially devastate thousands of Wisconsin families.

"I am afraid that we'll go back to the days where families who have worked hard all their lives suddenly find themselves filing bankruptcy because of one health care emergency," Rep. Subek said.

Senate GOP leadership hopes to hold a vote on the bill before lawmakers head home for the Fourth of July recess.

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