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Lots of cleaning up in Monroe and Monticello after the storm that brought tornadoes

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GREEN COUNTY (WKOW) -- People from Monroe and Monticello are cleaning up their properties after Wednesday night's storms.  

"It blew out the doors of my shed out," says Mike Sulzer.  His business got hit by what could be deemed a tornado.  Concrete foundation was lifted from the ground, and part of the roof was lifted off.  Next door his dad's cattle feeding shed is gone, and his windmill that had been standing for 100 years was knocked over and broken.

"You start figuring out what you want to pick up first," says Sulzer.  

Not far away, John Fandritch saw the storm coming.  "We could see a wall of rain, and then we started to see the funnel cloud.  And you start to see debris," he says.  "It was real scary there for a time."

Fandritch knew the storm was bad when he found debris on his property that wasn't from his house.  "You could see the debris spinning, and that's what worried me the most," says Fandritch.

John Gagan, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service, spent the day surveying properties like Sulver's and Fandritch's to determine if the storm was a tornado.  "From what I've seen today, this was a very fast-moving system.  It was a quick hitter.  There was a tornado warning out," says Gagan.  "We're looking for something that lifts that damage up into the air; versus straight line wind which is more of it pushes it over along the ground and stays closer to the ground."  

The National Weather Service did confirm that two tornadoes touched down in that area Wednesday night.

Despite the damage, most in Green County are grateful there haven't been any casualties.  "It could be a lot worse.  Everything's rebuildable.  Nothing seriously damaged that can't be fixed," says Sulzer.  

"There's people worse off than this today," says Fandritch.  "Yeah we're very fortunate."

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