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Tips to keep your pets safe this Fourth of July

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Most humans enjoy the sights, sounds and feelings that fireworks provide, but your pets may think differently.

The Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) is encouraging pet owners to be sure their pets are safe and secure during this 4th of July holiday. The Independence Day holiday can be a lot of fun for you and your 4-legged companion, but loud fireworks and large gatherings of people can also be extremely stressful for many animals.

“During the firework season, DCHS sometimes sees an increase in stray animals coming in the shelter,” says Marissa DeGroot, DCHS Public Relations Coordinator. “We strongly suggest pet owners make sure their pets are safe and secure at home and not bring them along to firework activities.”

DCHS encourages pet owners to keep pets indoors, close curtains and perhaps turn on the radio or television to help mask outdoor noises. Be sure your pet has a well-fitting collar and identification tags/license. Licensed and micro-chipped pets with ID tags have a better chance of being returned to their owners.

If you find a stray pet and feel safe in approaching the animal, check for any license tag or other identification. Call DCHS at (608) 838-0413 to report the found animal and see if there are any lost reports matching the found animal’s description. If you are unable to hold onto a stray you have found and wait for an owner to come forth, call DCHS to schedule an appointment to bring the stray animal to the shelter. Never leave a stray animal in a crate or tied up outside the shelter.

Here are recommendations of what to do if you have lost your pet:

  • Contact DCHS at (608) 838-0413 to report your lost pet
  • Check the online listing of stray animals at DCHS 
  • Email photos and lost pet reports to
  • Come to the Main Shelter (5132 Voges Road, Madison) every 4 days to look for your lost pet in-person as it is sometimes difficult to get accurate photos and descriptions online

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