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Sen. Baldwin wants Senate GOP health care bill defeated, progress made on single-payer

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EDGERTON (WKOW) -- Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) wants Congressional Republicans to scrap their plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and instead work towards providing Americans with a single-payer health care system.

Before meeting with rural health care providers about the Senate GOP health care bill in Dodgeville Thursday afternoon, Senator Baldwin told reporters along I-39/90 that Republicans would be better off focusing on infrastructure funding than on gutting health care.

"We have a proposal being debated in the United States Senate that is predicted to take away health care from over 22 million Americans and increase costs for those who still have insurance," said Sen. Baldwin.

While she said the Senate should be focused on fixing the Affordable Care Act first, Sen. Baldwin still supports eventually transitioning to some sort of universal health insurance coverage.

"You'll start seeing alternatives introduced and I'm looking forward to a Medicare-for-all proposal that will actually come forth in the Senate," said Sen. Baldwin.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) characterized Sen. Baldwin's solution for the nation's health care problems as totally impractical.

"While Obamacare continues to hurt hard-working Wisconsin families, Senator Baldwin's solution is even more government-run health care," wrote RPW Spokesperson Alec Zimmerman. "Instead of fighting for Wisconsinites, Senator Baldwin wants to burden them with even more out of control spending and government control on behalf of the Washington special interests."

But Sen. Baldwin said the Senate GOP health care bill would do more harm.

"We've got to defeat this partisan nonsense and get back to working together to fix and strengthen our nation's health care system," said Sen. Baldwin.

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