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Albion is a home grown team in the Home Talent League

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The Albion Tigers are part of the Home Talent League, the largest adult amateur baseball league in Wisconsin. The Tigers are a mere definition of the league name with a full roster of players including four sets of brothers and a father son duo.

The Tigers are coming off a championship season. Last summer they won their first league title in the team's 70 year history. The Tigers has always been able to draw a crowd for a game, and with a team like the Tigers, in a community like Edgerton, everybody, knows everybody.

"You have guys all from Edgerton. When you say home talent, we are actually home talent." Said Tigers shortstop Tyler Oren.

The the Tiger's active roster, 24 of the 25 players graduated from Edgerton High School. The team also has four sets of brothers on the team.

"It's got it's advantages and disadvantages." Said Tigers second baseman, Cullen Oren, a younger brother to Tyler. "We fight a lot when he's at short and I'm at second. Sometimes we get after it. Other than that we are really close."

The family bloodline doesn't end with brotherly love, but a father-son duo. At 46-years-old Jim Eastman is in his 28th season with the Tigers. His son Josh is in his 10th season with the Tigers.

"To still be able to play competitively. It gets tears in your eyes." Said Jim about his son on the team. "He's grown to be an awesome kid plus he's a really good ball player.

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