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Wisconsin Dairy News: Fetlz's Dairy Store

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(WKOW) -- A few years back, the Feltz family decided to expand their dairy operation and upgrade to robotic technology as they evolved into a sixth generation of family ownership.

November first of 2016, the Feltzes milked their first cows in the robotic milking stalls.

"If you're not able to adapt, you don't make it to five and six generations and so, my grandpa and my dad they've been proactive and they've made changes, and we've made changes and done things like this," Herd Manager Jared Feltz said.

As part of the recent farm upgrade, the Feltzes decided to fulfill another dream and build a store onto the front of the new robotic dairy barn; complete with viewing windows for visitors. 

The Feltz children all play a role in the business. Jared is the herdsman for the farm, their daughter-in-law Jenna is a tour director, and daughters Taryn and Allison and their son Jake are all managers of the store.

"So far we've had very positive responses from the public and so yeah, everything's been wonderful so far," co-owner Jackie Feltz said.

While tours will allow people to get a closer look at the robotic milking barn, the store is filled with unique Wisconsin-made products, and even includes a learning center for kids.

Jackie Feltz says it's a special operation they're proud of.

"We put a lot of thought and effort into making this store something unique to the area, so we're excited for people to come in and experience and check it all out and I think we really want to convey to the public that we are a family owned and operated business that takes care of our cows and the land."

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