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All city dive meet wrapped up in Monona

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Later this week thousands of swimmers from the Madison area will make a splash at Maple Bluff for the All City Swim Meet. Leading up to that was the All City Dive Meet in Monona.

Both meets are part of the All City Swim League. Monona will host the all city swim next summer. 13 teams competed in the dive meet, many of them will compete later this week at Maple Bluff, putting the area's swimming community on display.

"This is a great institution in the greater Madison area." Said Phil McDade, a Co-director of the All City Dive Meet in Monona. "The All City League has been around  for more than 50 years. It brings kids together from different communities, and all throughout the area. Diving is one part of it."

For more information on the All City League, click here. For results from the All City Dive Meet, click here.

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