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Neighbors oppose construction that would remove popular bike path

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The Jeffy Trail bike path is one that's popular with neighbors in the area. 

"We use it daily," said Carrie Molke, a mother of three boys in the neighborhood. 

It's a path that starts on Jeffy Trail and spits out to Raymond Road. But some city leaders want to pave it all into a street that will connect Raymond Road with Mid Town Road. 

Madison's Common Council plans to vote on the decision during their weekly Tuesday meeting. 

It's why dozens of residents went out with posters in hand on Monday to plead to city leaders to spare the path.

Neighbors say they live there, use the path the most, and don't want a road put in it's place. 

Many fear the road extension would be used less by neighborhood residents and more as a main artery for people traveling through the area looking for a shortcut. For Molke, that raises security concerns when it comes to her kids getting to a nearby park. 

"They don't have to cross a street to get to the park. They can walk on the path and it takes them there. So, I am concerned if it does bring more traffic this way," said Molke. 

Other residents say the neighborhood is full of children who would hate to see the path go. Now, parents are questioning city leaders as to how they could put the money spent on construction, to better use. 

"What could you do with $560,000 in your district? That would do good to bring a community together instead of building something the community here opposes and doesn't need," said Robin Swaminathan, a resident who lives in the neighborhood and uses the path often with her young son. 

On top of connectivity, some city leaders argue the road extension would also allow first responders to get to emergencies faster. 

Alder Barbara Harrington-McKinney, who represents district one which includes Jeffy Trail, plans to offer an amendment at Tuesday's Common Council meeting that would spare the bike path. 

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