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Man helps fellow runner cross finish line ahead of him

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CAPE ELIZABETH, MAINE (WKOW) -- An act of kindness and good sportsmanship has gone viral.

A runner in Maine's Beach to Beacon race helped another runner cross the finish line - ahead of him. The race's finish was caught on camera.

As he was making his way through the course, Jesse Orach pushed his hardest. He led the pack for the men, but when he turned into what he thought was the home stretch, "I thought it was home free and it ended up being a lot further than I thought. So what happened is I mentally kind of shut down a little bit," he told Erin Dixon of WMTW 8. 

Orach made it about 25 more meters before he fell. He picked himself up, but fell again. That's when he felt someone grab his shoulders.

"I had a feeling it was Rob at first but I wasn't sure. I was trying to think of who would have been somewhat close behind me and it kind of fit that it was probably him," Orach tells WMTW 8.

"Rob" is Rob Gomez.  "I was sort of doing something that anyone in the Maine running community would have done, I just happened to be the lucky one to do it."

Orach says, "He said something along the lines of 'You're gonna finish this' or something like that."

Gomez and Orach continued toward the finish line, Gomez holding up and pushing Orach across the line before him. They shared a time of 31 minutes and 31 seconds, but Orach technically finishing first thanks to that push from someone he now considers a friend.

"I knew what kind of person he was just from passing. I knew that he was capable of doing such a thing. But it still shocked me when he did it. And I made sure I found him when I got out of the med tent and I just said 'I don't know what to say, I'm just speechless' and he said 'You don't have to say anything.'"

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