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Nearby resident shocked by driver crashing into tent, hurting seven in Grant County

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BAGLEY (WKOW) -- Seven people are recovering after an SUV crashed into their tent as they were camping in Grant County Saturday night.

Tim Dunwoodui, who lives near River of Lakes Campground, didn't see what happened Saturday night but heard the sirens coming from emergency vehicles.

"I thought it was out on the highway but then you could see the lights reflecting off some of the campers so you knew they were actually in [the campground]," said Dunwoodui.

What he saw were emergency crews responding to the tent area of the campground where investigators say 32-year-old Stacy Smith lost control of her car and crashed into a tent with seven people inside.

"I mean you're sitting there, sleeping or playing a game and all of a sudden a car is driving over the top of you," said Dunwoodui, who says the crash hits close to home since he's stayed inside a tent at the campground before. "My son still [goes camping] and it kind of makes you think twice the next time they do it."

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