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Protecting your eyes during the eclipse

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MADISON, WI (WKOW) -- Eye doctors are concerned about the upcoming eclipse because it only takes a few seconds for irreversible damage to occur in the retina.  Dr. Kulkarni of SSM Health told 27 News that he has had patients suffer from long-term damage before because of looking directly into the suns for only a few seconds.  He cautions eclipse viewers to take safety very seriously during this event and wear the solar glasses (ISO Certified) the entire time of viewing.

Dr. Kulkarni reminds us that we will be experiencing a "dim sun" and that could be deceiving.  We must still protect our eyes at all times.  Normal sunglasses will not protect you when looking into the sun.  You need special solar glasses that are ISO 12312-2 certified.  Fakes have been sold so you must check the glasses before using them to look right into the sun.  Looking away from the sun but to the sky, you should not even be able to see the clouds through these protective glasses.  The real ones will leave you with very little to see except the eclipse itself.  

If you do look directly into the sun, the damage may not be apparent to you for a few days.  You may eventually notice a blind spot or limited vision.  This is often irreversible.  

To avoid looking directly into the sun but to see the shadow live and in person, build an eclipse viewer shadow box.  Directions for that can be found on our weather blog.

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