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Melinda's Garden Moment: Seasonal Evergreen Seed Drop

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(WKOW) -- Don't panic if the inner needles along the trunk of your evergreen are yellow or brown. This is a common occurrence called seasonal needle drop.

Most evergreens shed some of their older needles every year in late summer or fall.

Some species like white pines may lose their needles after two or three years leaving just a tuft of new growth at the tip of each branch.

Spruce and fir tend to hold their needles longer, masking those lost to seasonal needle drop, making it less noticeable.

Arborvitae's inner branchlets turn brown instead of yellow when they age.

Yews inner needles turn yellow but in late spring or early summer.

Evergreens may lose more needles than normal following a summer drought or other environmental stress.

Proper watering and care will prepare your plants for winter and keep them healthy for seasons to come.

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