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Madison Memorial's Mateo Mora plays by punting

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Madison Memorial junior Mateo Mora has played football all throughout high school and he's done so with only one hand, but through that he found his right niche on the team.

"Having a good punter, having someone who can flip the field, can pin people. Field position is huge." Said Spartans head coach Adam Smith.

Memorial leaves that job for Mora. He has a strong leg, that is the balance for his one strong arm. Mora was born without his left arm. A partial one has grown in with his body as he has grown.

He grew up playing soccer and in junior high that skill transitioned to the football field. He punts and kicks for the Spartans, which can put him in crucial situations on a game.

"Kind of when you are on your own goal line that is when you feel the most pressure." Said Mora.

The pressure isn't just on Mora, but his long snapper Ross Mathews. Mora can make a one handed play, but Mathews needs to be accurate with his snaps.

"I have one hundred percent confidence in Mateo that he is going to catch it no matter what." Said Mathews. "It's more challenging but I find the challenge to be more fun and it helps me become a better player and a better snapper."

Coach Smith added, "He knows, he has full confidence in Ross that Ross is going to put it right on his belly and he can catch it really easily and get a kick off."

You may think living life with only one hand would be hard enough, let alone playing football, but Mora embraces it.

"If it wasn't for my arm or other things I wouldn't want to prove people wrong, I would just be a normal person you know?" Mora said.

Madison Memorial will host Madison La Follette on Friday at 7 p.m. at Mansfield Stadium. 


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