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Clinton police warn of man impersonating a police officer

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CLINTON (WKOW) -- Clinton police are investigating a report of a man driving a Crown Victoria who they believe is impersonating a police officer. 

A driver reported that he was passing by the industrial park on County Highway X, on Tuesday morning, Sept. 5, 2017, when a dark blue unmarked Ford Crown Victoria came up behind him. The driver said he noticed police lights in the grill of the car and one on the dash board of the car.

The driver said a shorter white muscular male with a scruffy, unshaven appearance got out of the Crown Victoria and approached his passenger side front window.

The man from the Crown Victoria was wearing a navy blue baseball style cap and a blue police style uniform, according to police. The driver of the vehicle stated the man from the Crown Victoria also was wearing what appeared to be a firearm in a holster on his left side.

He said the man from the Crown Victoria led him to believe he was a police officer stopping him for driving under the speed limit.

After the driver alerted police, they determined this was a person impersonating a police officer and was not an actual police officer.

Police are warning residents that if they see this vehicle or this car and it attempts to stop them to notify the 911 immediately.

Police caution drivers to not stop for this vehicle until a real police officer in a marked police car is on-scene.

Do not attempt to make contact with this vehicle or the male driving as he should be considered armed and dangerous.

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