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Madison groomer collects supplies from across the country for Hurricane Harvey groomers

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MADISON (WKOW) -- In Hurricane Harvey's wake, a Madison groomer is proving she's a cut above.  She's made it her mission to get other groomers to donate thousands of dollars in supplies to the disaster zone.

In the Dogz House owner Deb Compton is a member of the Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund, it started after Hurricane Sandy.

"Groomers are the first connection, the rescues are collecting these dogs, they don't have the supplies to help these dogs," Compton explained.
"These dogs have been swimming in motor oil and debris and little sharp objects, so these groomers are just so valuable," she added.

It's why Compton put out the call on her Facebook page ealier this month.  For the last few weeks, groomers from across the state have not only like the post, but descended on Compton's Greenway Crossing shop, bringing much needed items.

"Everyone just funneled it all down here," Compton said.

And people from as far as Canada and California have sent them grooming tools.
Compton even encourages groomers to send unworking clippers (she calls Franken-clippers).  The groomer masterfully puts different pieces together so they items can be used down in Houston.

Recently, a Pewaukee trucker, Matthew Dubinski, brought his sister's horse trailer down to In the Dogz House, all to drive collected goods to Illinois. From there, the items will be put into big semi's and trucked down to Houston.

"The videos on the news with the animals and their cages, and they are just knee up in water, they need a little love and attention once they get out of that situation," Dubinski said.

"It's amazing how dogs bring people together...everybody loves dogs," Compton said about the mission.

If you'd like to donate, please consider dropping off supplies or a monetary donation to:

In the Dogz House

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