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Only on 27 News: Dodgeville singer's American Idol journey

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DODGEVILLE (WKOW) -- 28-year-old Julica Kelly of Dodgeville wowed us at WKOW Idol.

We sent her to the front of the line, for the national American Idol auditions in Chicago Monday.

She came out, with a golden ticket.

"There's really no words to describe the feeling that you get when you go up there."

Tuesday, Julica sang in front of executive producers of the show and is once again being sent to the next round, to sing in front of American Idol judges this fall.

"I'm thankful more than anything, just to be back here at 28 and it's my last year to try this again."

The single mom has been here before, when she was 19. 

"I made it to top 70. I made it to group rounds. I was cut, I forgot my words. I was one of those. But, now I've had a lot more experience under my belt, gotten to open for bigger bands."

Now, she sings for her daughter Mikova and her family.

"I'm doing this for her and for my mom who has been struggling financially. She's been going through a hard time. I just really want to be able to move people with my music and I want to be able to support my family. That's a lot of my drive."

Julica's parents gave her the gift of music. 

"My family is just completely music oriented. My mom, that side of the family, very country. My dad is more funk and blues and soul, so I kind of got a mixture of both."

Now, Mikova may be following in Mom's footsteps and the American Idol journey has given Julica life lessons she can pass on.

"By the looks of it she (Mikova) is probably going to be an entertainer. But, I'm there to support her 100% and I'll always keep driving her to push toward her goals and dreams."

We'll all be watching, as Julica makes her way to the top.

"No matter what, I'm gonna continue on with my music career. I'm never gonna stop doing what I love to do."

American Idol premiers on WKOW in 2018.

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