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Wisconsin native stays with family after riding out Hurricane Irma

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PARDEEVILLE (WKOW) --  A Wisconsin native is staying with family in Pardeeville after riding out Hurricane Irma in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Wednesday Rostad and her wife, Meagan Crandall, decided to ride out the storm at their home on the island of St. John.

"The windows were shaking, we put mattresses up," said Rostad, explaining what it was like as Irma made landfall. "The pressure [similar feeling to when you're on an airplane] that's what you felt for eight hours straight."

Rostad says they watched as the hurricane turned their "beautiful" neighborhood, they call "love city" into what they described as a war zone.

"[The island] it's gone, it's like napalm was dropped on it, it's bad," Rostad said, explaining that people who live on the island need help. "People don't even have clothes, one of our friends we saw him in town and he's wearing his daughter's clothes because that's all he has left."

Rostad who works as a recreation director for a resort company on the island says her place of work is a mangled mess.

"I don't wish it on anyone," Rostad said, as she looked back on the devastation caused by Irma's wrath. "We saw houses slid down the hills, telephone poles, cars flipped over."

Rostad and Crandall say they plan to return back to the island to gather more belongings from their home, which they say was "badly damaged". 

They say it may take up to a year until they're able to move back.

"I just hope [St. John] goes back to love city, and I believe it will."

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