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Wisconsin Fans Bring Badger Pre-Gaming to Provo for BYU Game

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Provo, UT (WKOW) -

Provo, Utah only has two bars.  Two bars to deal with the influx of Badger fans who headed there for Saturday's Wisconsin-BYU game.  One of those bars, ABG's Bar, opened five hours earlier than normal after getting a hint that Wisconsin fans might be interested.

"We read the story about how there are two bars in Provo," said George Broder, a Badgers fan from San Francisco.  "We came to this one and talked to the bar tender and he said today they were going to open at 3pm MT. We said, 'you might want to think about opening earlier. You have a business opportunity and our people will be here."

"I have never seen this many people in this bar in the 27 years that I've owned it on a Saturday morning," said Gary Whiting, Owner of ABG's Bar, Provo who obliged and opened early.

"I think it's outstanding," said Sandy Bartel, a Badgers fan from Germantown, Wisconsin.  "t's Badger tradition. The Badger family comes together no matter where we play."

Across the street the UW alumni association put on another party for even more Badger fans.

"I love to come to games where Badger fans get together and do things," said Linda Philipps, a Badger fan from Mineral Point. "This was a beautiful trip."

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