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Our Wisconsin: The Climate Change Effect

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MADISON (WKOW) --  The latest installment of the award winning documentary series, "Our Wisconsin: The climate change effect," examines the environmental, social and political impacts of climate change in Wisconsin.

(Watch the YouTube version HERE.)

Impacts on weather, water and wildlife have been, and continue to be, documented by scientists.  Storms are hitting with more frequency and intensity, causing more damage, flooding and pollution run-off into our rivers, lakes and streams. 

Wisconsin winters are becoming shorter, changing a way of life for many residents, especially in northern Wisconsin. Some of the state's signature wildlife, like trout, wood frogs and birch trees are in jeopardy of not being able to survive in the warmer, wetter Wisconsin scientists predict in the future.  

We'll also examine how the climate change effect is impacting our economy, from insurance rates to home construction to the state's important agriculture industry.

Plus, we'll talk about the politics of climate change and how the issue was used to help break-up one of the nation's leading environmental science teams; at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 

We'll explore how a small, but well-funded group has made climate change a divisive political issue and is forcing scientists to come out of their labs and into the public discourse to explain their work. 

Many of the experts say the time taken to defend against climate change 'deniers' is time that could be going to find solutions that scientists say are urgently needed to allow us to adapt to climate change.

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