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UPDATE: Curtis Langlois sentenced to life in prison without parole for August murder

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UPDATE -- Curtis Langlois already had pleaded guilty to killing Kendrith Young and attempting to kill Rodney Lemon Jr. But he remained unremorseful during a court hearing today where he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

During an emotional hearing where family members of Young testified on the impact of the killing on their lives, an outburst by Langlois during a statement by Lemon brought the hearing to a temporary halt. 

"To me you are a coward," Lemon Jr. said during his testimony. "Now you're being thrown away. Sad."

At which point, Langlois, who was in a special restraint chair, looked over at Lemon Jr., and said, "Wish I'da killed you, n***** ... watch your mouth."

Judge Ellen Berz quickly had Langlois removed from the courtroom.

He returned a short time later while the defense and prosecution made their closing statements.

Langlois faced two counts of attempted homicide. In addition to life in prison, Langlois was sentenced on the second count to 40 years in prison and 20 years of supervision.


UPDATE -- At a plea hearing Nov. 10, 2017, Curtis Langlois, who prosecutors say killed one man and wounded another in August, pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder, according to online court records.

Langlois shot Kendrith J. Young, 33, to death on Aug. 2 at the 7-Eleven convenience store, 2703 W. Beltline, and wounded Rodney Lemon Jr., who was at the store with Young.


MADISON (WKOW) -- The suspect in a Madison convenience store murder appeared in court on Thursday.

Curtis Langlois will stand trial for allegedly killing Kendrith Young and the attempted murder of Rodney Lemon on August 2. He was wheeled into the courtroom strapped to a restraint chair for his preliminary hearing. Madison Police Detective James Grann testified that Langlois confessed to murdering Young and shooting at Lemon.

Grann told the court that Langlois said he shot Young in the head and chest after another suspect, 27-year-old Demetrius Reeves shot at Young first.

The murder happened at the 7-Eleven off the Beltline near Todd Drive. During his confession, Grann says Langlois told him his intention was to kill Young because of an interaction a month before the shooting.

"He felt as though Mr. Young posturing in certain ways and making certain statements that were disrespectful to him," said Grann "He used the term of mugging him."

Langlois also faces battery to a law enforcement officer. On September 4, Dane County Sheriff's Office says Langlois wrapped his handcuffed hands around her neck and threatened to snap it while in an elevator.

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