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Packers' Kramer makes visit to Madison

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Packers Hall of Famer Jerry Kramer made a special appearance in Madison. The Packers and Exact Sciences have teamed up to raise colon cancer awareness throughout the football season. Kramer came to speak to Exact Sciences employees about how the disease played a pivotal role in his personal and professional life when Packers coach Vince Lombardi was diagnosed with colon cancer.

"It was disbelief initially. He was so strong and so vital. It was just hard to believe that he could be impacted by anything."

Kramer has been spreading the message about early screening for colon cancer. He has also been busy preparing for another run at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The former guard, who played on Lombardi's championship teams in Green Bay, is once again a finalist for the Hall of Fame. This is his 11th time as a finalist. Packers fans have played a role in the campaign to get Kramer into the Hall of Fame. In fact, Kramer says the president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame claims to have been swamped with letters of support.

"He said, 'Jerry, I want you to know that your nomination will reduce my incoming mail by about 90 percent.' He said, 'I think everybody in Wisconsin wrote a letter for you and they questioned my sanity, my manhood. They've questioned everything about me. I'll be so glad when this is over.' So, I just think the Wisconsin fans have been sensational." 

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