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Wisconsin gun sellers react to scrutiny of mass shooter's device

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DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- Gun sellers in Wisconsin are reacting to scrutiny of a device authorities say was used by the Las Vegas gunman to increase the speed of his fire-power in killing and wounding concert goers.

Experts say a bump stock modifies a semi-automatic gun to allow it to deliver rounds in the rapid-fire style of a fully automatic weapon.

Owner Pete Kramer of PT Firearms & Accessories in Cross Plains says he carries bump stocks, and sells them for just under $200.

"They sell, but sell rarely, and only to a select few, because if you have one of these you are obviously using it to burn up a lot of ammo,"  Kramer says.

"The ammunition can get very expensive, so it's not a poor man's hobby,"  Kramer says.

Manager Sean D'Orazio of Max Creek Outdoors in Oregon says owning a bump stock appeared to be "...a fad at one point,"  that died out.  But D'Orazio says attention to the device in the media coverage of the Las Vegas mass shooting has sparked renewed interest in the device. 

"Customers are asking about it, looking for them,"  D'Orazio says.

"Our sales went up,"  Kramer says of the bump stock, in the days since the Las Vegas violence.  "One person came in and bought two (bump) stocks.  I had an employee who wanted one."

Kramer says while he shares the almost universal horror of what happened in Las Vegas, he says he continue to have bump stocks in his store inventory.

In Congress, republicans have joined democrats in calling for review of access to the device.  Even representatives of the National Rifle Association (NRA) say authorities should determine if the sale of bump stocks complies with all existing, federal regulations.

Kramer reacts to the potential for a ban on the sale of the bump stock with a businessman's realism.  "I can live with it or without it."

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