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Not Settling For "Shorter" Than State

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Next week, the Verona girls' golf team will be one of twelve squads to tee off at the state tournament. A big reason why they've come this far is because their top two golfers - who also happen to be twins.

"It's really cool that Lauren and I are together because I really think it means a lot to us to both be one and two [on the golf team] and both make it to state and both being there to support each other," said Courtney Shorter, one of the two twins.

"I play right behind [Courtney] so even if she has a bad shot, when we meet up I just tell her to keep going and she has all the rest of the holes to catch up," said Lauren Shorter, the other twin.
Both twins have done pretty well for themselves this season.  The Shorter twins, both seniors, have been tearing up courses throughout the region.  Lauren won the individual title at the Verona Sectional this week, while Courtney won the Big 8 conference title two weeks ago.

"They've always had a hunger, they've always had a thirst," said Verona girls golf coach Jon Rebholz.  "Even as freshmen we would spend a few extra minutes on the range hitting extra balls after practice.  There was always a desire to get better [with the twins].

The Shorter twins say they started golfing when they were about 3 years old from their uncle who was a golf pro in Green Bay.  

While the twins are identical, there's one surefire way to tell them apart.  Lauren Shorter is left handed, while Courtney Shorter shoots with her right.

"Whenever we are hitting at the range we are facing each other," said Courtney.  "So that's always fun because we always talk [to each other] and have more fun doing that."

"When we are at school, people can't tell [us apart] but then when you come out to the golf course people are like 'yeah I don't know who you are when you're not golfing but when you're golfing I know who you are," said Lauren."

"My first year, when they were freshmen I would wait until they walked up with their bags [to see] who has the left-handed clubs in there," said Coach Rebholz.  "But just in getting to know them now, I see the slight differences."

The Shorter twins, and the rest of the Wildcats girls' golf team, will tee off Monday in the state tournament in Madison.

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