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UPDATE: Anderson convicted in homicide trial

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UPDATE (WKOW) -- Jurors found the suspect in a Madison homicide trial guilty.

The verdict in the case against Darrick Anderson came late Friday night. He was convicted on all counts against him, including first-degree intentional homicide, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Prosecutors say Anderson stabbed Andrew Nesbitt more than 40 times at Nesbitt's apartment in downtown Madison in March.

Starting Monday, there will be a second phase of the trial to determine what role Anderson's mental health played in the crime. 


UPDATE (MADISON) -- A jury is deliberating the fate of Darrick Anderson in his trial for the March homicide of a Madison man downtown.

A prosecutor says Anderson stabbed 46-year old Andrew Nesbitt more than forty times after the men had a chance meeting post-bar time at a convenience store just south of the state capitol.

Deputy Dane County District Attorney Matthew Moeser says surveillance video puts the two men together, and DNA from blood at the crime scene at Nesbitt's downtown apartment matches Anderson's DNA.  Anderson suffered wounds to his hand, and Moeser says evidence indicates they happened as Anderson wielded a knife and repeatedly stabbed the victim.

Anderson's attorney, Tim Kiefer suggests Anderson's wounds may be defensive wounds.

Anderson declined to testify in his trial, and also refused to attend a portion of the trial Thursday.  In an unsuccessful bid for a mistrial, Kiefer said Anderson's absence was a huge blow to the defense, despite the judge's instruction to jurors to disregard the absence.

If Anderson is convicted, there will be a second trial phase to determine if a mental defect was responsible for Anderson's actions.


MADISON (WKOW) -- Jurors Friday watched video of a police interrogation of Darrick Anderson, in connection to the March fatal stabbing of 46-year old Andrew Nesbitt.

Anderson is on trial for first degree intentional homicide, and other charges.

Authorities say Anderson stabbed Nesbitt more than forty times after the two men had a chance meeting after bar time in downtown Madison in March.

During videotaped interrogation, a Madison Police detective presses Anderson over how he hurt his right hand, which was heavily bandaged.  Anderson says he only wants to talk about his alleged retail crimes.  The interrogation took place after Anderson was arrested at East Towne Mall a day after the homicide.

Jurors also watched surveillance video showing Nesbitt and Anderson encountering each other outside a convenience store on West Washington Avenue.  In the video, Nesbitt extends his hand, and Anderson shakes it.  Later video watched by the video shows Anderson following Nesbitt as Nesbitt walks through downtown Madison.

Anderson will reveal to the judge Friday whether he plans to testify in his own defense.  Anderson's attorney has indicated Anderson acted in self defense in a confrontation with Nesbitt.

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