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Melinda's Garden Moment: Rejuvenate Leggy Houseplants

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(WKOW) -- Turn that leggy houseplant back into a beautiful indoor plant with air layering.

Leggy dieffenbachias and draceanas are a common sight in many indoor gardens. Successfully improve the appearance of these and other thick stemmed plants by air layering them back into beautiful specimens. Simply cut halfway into the stem just below the lowest leaf. Prop open the cut with a toothpick, sprinkle with a rooting hormone and pack with moist sphagnum moss. Cover the area with plastic.

Continue to provide proper care and watch for white roots to appear in the plastic covered area.

Once roots appear, remove the plastic, cut the stem below the rooted stem. Then plant the top, roots and all, in a well drained potting mix. You now have a shorter more attractive plant.  And save the original plant by cutting it down to several inches above the soil.

Check out Melinda's website for this and other gardening tips.

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