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Meet Rock County's 'Good Doctor'

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JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- ABC's hit show 'The Good Doctor' tells the story of a young resident, overcoming his disability to triumph.   In Rock County, another 'Good Doctor' is fighting the odds all to lead a normal life after tragedy touched his.

Dr. Paul Volkert is one of only two Rock County cardiologists. "My personality is to be a cardiologist," he said, shortly after picking up a phone call about one of his patients.

"I love it because I make a difference in people's lives," he said about the job that doesn't stop when he gets home.  With seven kids from 30 to one, he's always running around.

"They know the long hours, and they've sometimes had to come here to watch me in action."

It's action that he escaped for years from, with his Harley.  In fact, he'd ride it to work most mornings.  It was on one fateful ride two years ago, the unthinkable happened.  A woman in a truck turned into his lane, striking the bike and his leg.

"I thankfully had my gear and my motorcycle helmet on and my motorcycle gear for the most part on," Dr. Volkert said.

Sadly, it wasn't enough for his leg. 

"It was hanging by skin to be honest with you," he sighed. "All the doctors knew it had to come off."

So began, the most difficult days of Dr. Volkert's life.

"There are times you despair and you get sad,"he said.  Just weeks from his wedding date, he had the hardest conversation of his life.

"I told my fiance at the time, I said this kind of changes everything, if you don't want to get married..that's fine...I understand that," he said.

Luckily, his bride-to-be wasn't about to runaway from the altar. "No she still wanted to get married so that was great," he said.  So, he pushed himself through physical therapy to be the best he could be for the big day.

"Thankfully my wedding day was pretty good, it was a Godsend," he said about walking down the aisle.  He even danced the first dance.

"Obviously I wasn't doing the Jitterbug, but I could slowly dance!" he chuckled.

And slowly, Dr. Volkert went back to work.

"The battle initially was to not let the anger trump anything else, I didn't want it to change my outlook on life," he said.

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