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Save the Rainforest raises awareness with play

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VERONA (WKOW) -- Ending world hunger, curing cancer and saving rainforests are noble causes, but it takes money to accomplish these things.

On Tuesday, Alvaro Perez and Michael Delaney White stopped by Wake Up Wisconsin to talk about a Halloween theme play produced by Save the Rainforest.

The name of the play is THE DONATION, and it was written by the president of Save the Rainforest, Bruce Calhoun, who is a past recipient of a dramatist of the year award from the Council of Wisconsin Writers. 

This will be the world premiere of the play, and Burkhalter Travel has offered to donate $500 if at least 500 people attend the opening on Friday night October 27. 

The tcast includes Marisa Kahler from Verona, Michael Delaney White from Fitchburg, Meaghan Heives from Fitchburg and Amy Zwicker from Monroe.  Save the Rainforest has played an instrumental role in raising awareness about the fragility and ecological importance of tropical forests by conducting ecology courses to the rainforest for high school and college students.

Proceeds will go to protect jaguar habitat in Panama, and Alvaro Perez, who is the co-founder of the jaguar conservation program in Panama, will be present in the theater lobby Friday night to talk about how the money raised by this play will be used. 

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