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Wisconsin Dairy News: Grate Modern Mac & Cheese

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(WKOW) -- People have always enjoyed comfort food, and at a new restaurant called Grate, they're taking it up a notch! 

"There's a part of us that all loves to eat comfort food," V.P. of marketing at Grate Abby Hansen said. "It brings us back to a place that makes us happy, it gets us all warm inside. And that's actually what we love about mac and cheese is it gets us all back to that place where we feel really good whether your mom made it or grandma made it." 

Using mac and cheese as a canvas, Grate is infusing this fantastic comfort food with pleasing flavor combinations! 

 "We've got a really great bacon and blue cheese mac and cheese that is actually probably one our top three, guests love it!" Hansen said. "It's got a really fresh crumbled blue cheese on there, and it's got the Patrick Cudahy bacon, so we're a big fan of that one here!" 

And customers are swiftly becoming fans too! 

"My mom texted me right away and she was like, we have to come do lunch some day, so today is that day, so this is our first time, and I love it!" custoer Megan Boyle said. 

Using as many local ingredients as possible, Grate elevates macaroni and cheese to suit any taste. 

"I think that you know, we can evolve mac and cheese to our tastes and create these mash-ups of favorite foods that we all love that combine into one big comfort dish!" Hansen said.

And there's also a sense of pride knowing that a popular dish that everybody loves is made better with Wisconsin cheese! 

"What I love about Grate is that it really features something that Wisconsin is proud of and that we're known for and so I think if we brought this to Florida or Nebraska, it's regional cuisine that people can understand," Hansen said. "Wisconsin is known for being a dairy state and having a lot of cheese, and so I think if we brought this anywhere around the country it would be a hit!" 

Grate offers several different varieties of mac and cheese as well as great local salads and desserts too! Check out their menu at gratemac.com.

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