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Wisconsin groomer creates Halloween hounds with vegan paint dye

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Halloween pet costumes are going to the dogs this year.  One professional groomer isn't stopping there, she's trick and treating pampered pooches to a wild animal makeover.

"I've learned so much about application of color and how to get the color to the root, just like people hair," In the Dogz House owner Deb Compton said.  Over the last fifteen years, she's honed her craft, becoming a world champion groomer, with a global following.

"They follow me from China, Taiwan, South Korea," she said

But Compton says her craft is nothing new.

"Little known fact, they've been dying dogs in dog shows since the beginning of hair dye, every black dog you see in the ring is dyed black...every white one is lightened," she said.

Halloween is her busiest time of the year, but each dog still gets some tail wagging TLC.

"It feels nice to them a lot of the stuff goes on with little tapping motions, and paintbrushes so it's kind of like a spa treatment."

As for the dye, she says it's vegan.

"Stains the coat like food coloring, you could pretty much each it."

And she has.

"On accident, yes," Compton chuckled.

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