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Cross Plains Halloween House celebrates spooky holiday one last time

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Courtesy: Jenny Esser Courtesy: Jenny Esser
Courtesy: Jenny Esser Courtesy: Jenny Esser

CROSS PLAINS (WKOW) -- Some people go all out on their Halloween decorations. Ghosts and goblins, gravestones and skeletons, hay and pumpkins.

For nearly 40 years one home in Cross Plains has become the Halloween destination for thousands of people.

Mary Dahlk gets joy out of making people scream.

"I love it," said Dahlk.  "I love to see the expressions on their faces and all the goodwill you get from the people."

She doesn't skimp on the scariness when it comes to her annual Halloween decorations.

"The kids love it, I do it for the kids," says Dahlk. "It's a lot of work, but you would be surprised."

For nearly 4 decades, she's welcomed people to her home from all over the world.

"We had some people from the Phillipines the other day," said Dahlk. "They don't celebrate Halloween there so they were just in awe of everything."

Over the years, besides family and friends, the family has invited complete strangers to help carve more than 100 pumpkins that are displayed on the property.

Even as she showed Wake Up Wisconsin anchor Brandon Taylor around her yard, people stopped, stared and took pictures.  Mary's love for the holiday has even become a family affair.

"My brother Steve, he has down syndrome and lives with us," said Dahlk.  "He and I pretty much set up all the monsters."

"If you say Halloween house they know exactly where you're talking about and they just love it," said Jenny Esser.  "People come every year."

Mary's daughter, Jenny Esser says she always enjoyed her mother's passion for Halloween, but this year is different.  After Tuesday, the screams from this house will be silenced forever.

"My husband isn't a fan," said Dahlk.  "He's always helped over the years, but he says it's too much and we've done it long enough."

Most of the decorations were made by hand and crafted with love.  Love for a holiday that's brought smiles to so many in the area.

"it's going to be sad, but I just think even with the help we try to give her, it's too much for her to do," said Esser.

If you would like to check out the Cross Plains Halloween House, the home is located on the corner of Julius and Ceaser Streets in Cross Plains.

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