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Law enforcement agents check in on sex offenders on Halloween night

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DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- The cold weather didn't hold trick-or-treaters back. They were out in their layers and costumes stashing up on the sweets. But law enforcement agents were also out in force, trying to keep those who have targeted children in the past, from doing it again. 

In Middleton, there were kids dressed up in superhero outfits, angels, ghosts, even Disney characters. 

"I'm Captain America! My other daughter she's the cat. I got one daughter that's Wonder Woman," said father of three Edlando Watson. 

He went door to door with his family, holding their hands and acting out his character. 

"Trick or treat," said the daughters in unison as they walked up to each porch. 

"We're having too much fun. Here, I'm just going to put this in her bag," said one woman who was handing out goodies. 

But for others, it's a night full of serious business. 

"Knock, knock, knock," was the sound on a number of doors across Middleton and Madison. "Department of Corrections, complaint checks," yelled Agent Alex Grabowski as he went from each sex offender's home. 

Both Grabowski and his partner Agent Heather Luhman checked on about 10 different sex offenders in Dane County who are living among us all. 

The offenders who live on streets where trick-or-treating took place is a concern for parents. 

"Yea, it is a worry. You know, they live everywhere," said Watson. 

The convictions for the offenders range in crimes. 

"Possession of child pornography, or sex with a child. Anything here could be under the scope of the sex offender laws," said Grabowski. 

That includes second degree sexual assault of a child, which is the most common sex crime in the state of Wisconsin, according to the state's Department of Corrections. 

"This isn't something that just happens tonight. We're people just like everyone else and we're just doing out jobs," said Luhman. 

The checks happen regularly throughout the year. But on Halloween night, agents will visit around 120 homes in Dane County along. Those are only the sex offenders who are under supervision via court order. 

"They can't have lights on outside, they can't have up Halloween decorations, they can't dress up," added Luhman. 

Basically, the sex offenders can't do anything that would entice children to trick-or-treat at their homes. It means they can't hand out candy and must remain inside their home between 3p.m. and 9p.m. It's all in an effort to keep kids knocking on the safest doors. 

"I think that's 100 percent good," said Watson as he saw the agents out making their rounds. "They need to keep that up. I support that."

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