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New York Attack: Twist of fate saves Wisconsin native's life

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The devastating terror attack in New York City Tuesday left 8 people dead and more than a dozen people injured. The bike path where it happened, in Manhattan, is one that millions of people use every day, including a woman from Spring Green.

A bizarre twist of fate may have saved Hannah Preston's life. The Wisconsin native is now living in New York City near the site of the deadly terror attack.

"I was supposed to be in that exact spot at that exact time," said Hannah. "A friend from Wisconsin texted me and she was like, are you okay, and I was like, what are you talking about?"

The bike path were the terror attack suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, mowed down bicyclists is one that Hannah uses almost every day.

"I was supposed to be walking a dog," said Hannah. "So I've been walking a dog for a few months and one of my everyday clients - I'm in that exact spot walking Marley at that exact time, every single day - and it just so happens that Marley's owner forgot to book me or didn't book me the night before."

An avid traveler herself, Hannah admits the threat of potential terror attacks is something to be concerned about.

"I think at first a few years ago I was afraid that this type of stuff was happening, and I think people might be getting more afraid the more it happens," said Hannah.

The Wisconsinite maintains no matter how bad things get, she won't let it stop her from living her life.

"You can live in fear, and nothing might every happen, and you've wasted your life being terrified of one of these events happening. Or you can live your life and be happy and if it happens, it happens," said Hannah.

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