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Daybreak Does It: La Crosse Segway Tour

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We are starting a new segment on News 19 Daybreak called Daybreak Does It. Dustin Luecke, Brittany Lake and Madeline Sky go out into the La Crosse community and try different activities and show you what they're all about.

Our first Daybreak Does It episode has the Daybreak Crew trying out the La Crosse Segway Tour.

The segway is a different type of personal transportation vehicle. You stand between two wheels, elevated about a foot off the ground. It seems like it should be a balancing act, but the device balances itself. To move forward you just lean forward, the more you lean the faster you go.

Erik Mills, Owner of La Crosse Segway Tours, explains that there are "three computers built into them, all three systems work together to monitor your balance at over 100 times a second."

On the surface the segway is a formidable piece of technology. Being nervous is the number one concern. But Mills assured us, "you're never going to fall down." Mills said it only takes the average person about two to three minutes to learn how to do it after proper demonstration.

After a quick instruction lesson we set off on one of two tours offered by La Crosse Segway Tours.

After a couple of hours of riding and some looks from curious passers by, we completed the 7.5 mile long segway tour incident free, with a whole new experience under our belts.

"Even if you've lived here your whole life you're still going to learn something about La Crosse you probably didn't know."

Mills is himself a La Crosse native, and brought this idea here after a trip to Florida where he wanted to go on a segway tour but they were all booked.

It's seen success over the first three seasons and while tourists make up the majority of the riders he encourages anybody who's interested to just come out and do it.

You may think of a segway tour as a warmer weather excursion, but Mills has gone on tours as late as February. He said all you need is the right traction for the wheels, so no snow on the sidewalk.

As for pricing, a two hour tour costs $64 for one person. The more people you have the cheaper it gets so if you have group of four or more the cost goes down to $49 per person. They have two different routes, the Pettibone Park tour and River City tour. To book your tour check out their website.

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