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What's Going Around: Scabs and blisters from plants

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SAUK CITY (WKOW) -- A lot of us have been doing fall yard work the past few weeks, and doctors say that might have you itchy and irritated.

Dr. Thomas Varley with Prairie Clinic in Sauk City says he's seeing people come in with "anger" scabs and blisters - those that hurt and won't heal. He says it's likely poison ivy, but it could be any plant-related chemical.

Dr. Varley suggests when outdoors, cover up with long sleeves, pants, gloves and use eye protection. You'll want to change afterward and wash with dish soap to get the plant oils off your skin. Then, moisturize with cream or lotion.

Dr. Varley says if you have a severe rash with uncontrollable itching, especially on the head and neck, see a doctor. It may also be helpful if you learn to identify poison ivy, oak and sumac.

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