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Study: Banned substances found in half a dozen supplements

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(WKOW) -- If you use workout and diet supplements, you'll want to check the label.

A new study by the Department of Defense and Global Health Organization shows banned stimulants were found in half a dozen supplements.

The substances are likely similar to Ephedra, a stimulant that causes strokes, heart attacks and in some cases death. These substances were banned by the FDA in 2003 after being linked to more than 150 deaths.

Experts say supplements including Game Day, Infrared, Simply Skinny Pollen, Cannibal Ferox, AMPED and Triple X all contain enough Ephedra-like compounds to be dangerous.

The FDA requires all dietary supplement makers to submit information proving the ingredients are safe before they make a product with ingredients that have not been approved. However, nothing has been submitted for Ephedra, so there is no proof that the ingredient is safe.

Consumers are urged to read supplement ingredients list carefully and get to know what each one means.

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